The founders of Bed Factory Sweden, the Falk family, built their first bed more than a hundred years ago, when the bed artisan Håkan Falk’s grandfather Patrik built a convertible bed for his family.

What we do

We have built beds for global bed brands ever since the founding of Bed Factory Sweden in 1994. We build around 25’000 beds per year in our factory in Viljandi, Estonia. The great advantage of being in charge of our own factory is that we can provide for all of our clients’ needs and wants, without compromising.

Our beds have been available to private persons since 2010, through our showroom in Norra Djurgårdsstaden, Stockholm. Here you can get the same comfortable beds that you sleep in when you visit some of Sweden’s best hotels.

Our beds

We build our beds with comfort, design, and sustainability in mind. Our beds last over time and the material used to build the beds is carefully sourced. As all of our products are handmade, from start to finish, by our most skilled artisans we are able to provide generous guarantees as to how qualitative the beds are.

Quality in all things we do. Anything to increase your comfort and sleep.

How we do it

To ensure that the beds that we build meet our promises of high quality, we choose wood that has grown slowly in a cold climate, generating long fibers to be used for wood frames. Textiles are chosen based on durability, color fastness, breathability and resistance to bumps and demolition.

Spring bearings are chosen from the world’s leading supplier and assembled to provide a dynamic response to natural body movements. Natural materials such as Talalay latex, natural latex, wool, and cotton are used in comfort layers. They have all the capacity to give nature’s own comfort and redistribute body heat because of its outstanding breathability.

Our model

We have chosen to work without intermediaries for sales or marketing, but offer our products directly from factory manufacturing to our customers. Our success factors are affordable luxury beds and satisfied customers who recommend our products.