Our selection of beds derives from one idea, continuously improved thanks to a a 25-year-long dialogue with our customers. Every step of our production is carefully chiseled, meticulously executed. We offer customized designs based on your wants and needs, combined with our expertise.


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Three models, infinite alternatives




Lux Continental

Over and above the quality of the springs, it is the depth of the springs which determine comfort. The spring-depth of 42cm makes this the coziest bed on the market. The bottom layer of bonell springs is topped with three different layers of pocket springs, resulting in a feeling of weightlessness and total comfort for every part of the body.

Lux Adjustable

Our most exclusive adjustable bed. Fantastic comfort is ensured by the three spring systems: two layers of pocket springs and one layer of bonell springs. Control the virtually silent, built-in motor with a remote to adjust the head and foot ends. The second motor is used to create the perfect adjustment of the head. Since we don’t want you to end up with your head in the lamp when you sit up, we’ve built an automatic slide function which makes the bed move backwards when the headboard is raised.

Comfort Adjustable

A beautiful, adjustable bed with two layers of pocket-springs for pliability and comfort. The built-in motor enables seamless adjustment of both bed ends.

Classic Continental

A narrow frame makes this our most petite continental bed. Two layers of pocket-springs mounted on the bottom layer of bonell springs result in a high level of comfort.

Lux Daybed

Our exclusive frame-bed is unqiuely adapted for people who wish to use it as a daybed. The top mattress is covered with our stunning furniture fabric, with cushions in the same fabric. This daybed combines the comfort of a luxury bed with the look of a stylish sofa. The high profile springs combined with pocket-springs and bonell springs, ensure that the bed accommodates itself perfectly to the whole body.


Behind every good night’s sleep, stands a headboard. It contributes to harmonizing the atmosphere of the room, on top of that it also makes for a comfortable back-support. Our headboards are light-weight and easily screwed into pre-made holes in the bed-frame.